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VOrganics Sein Ta Lone Mango is the fruits in season

Import and trader of organic fruits and vegetables

VOrganics strives to be a low cost yet quality supplier of wholesome organic non-GMO fruits and vegetables to our consumers who believe in eating well living healthy.

We are now promoting our seasonal Myanmar Sein Ta Lone Mango air-flown from Myanmar

Myanmar Diamond Solitaire Mango is the crown jewel of all Mangoes. Due to Sein Ta Lone mangoes are naturally grown, their shelf-life are hence shorter and there are irregular sizes, and surface imperfection. However those who have tried this heavenly fruits in season is without doubt, still find VOrganics Sein Ta Lone Mango the best mangoes in the world!

Customer Testimonials tell it all

Our customers returning to purchase from VOrganics show the trust and confidence in our products and services.

20% and above discount for VOrganics Sein Ta Long Mango

Only when you shop online in the last weekend of June 2018.

VOrganics Inaugural fruit - Sein Ta Long mango

Myanmar Sein Ta Long Mango is the fruit that fit well into our business strategy and direction to seek out the original wild and natural tasting fruits and vegetables once forgotten.


Do you have Singapore AVA license to import and distribute fruits and vegetable products. 

Yes, VOrganics have the required license and is in full compliance with all AVA guidelines and circulars.


New products are coming soon!